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2023 Ventures Showcase Recap

On May 24, our CityBridge community came together for our 2023 Ventures Showcase, the culminating event for our 2022-2023 Design Residency: Ventures cohort. Over the past nine months, our Residents received customized curriculum, coaching, connections, and capital that supported accelerated the design and implementation of their education ventures. 

Throughout the program, these passionate individuals worked tirelessly to reimagine the future of education and to push their vision forward. This work was on display during the Showcase as our entrepreneurs pitched their ventures to a panel of expert judges.

Our 2022-2023 Residents:

  • Tia Bell, The T.R.I.G.G.E.R Project. The T.R.I.G.G.E.R. Project is a non-profit focused on addressing root causes that create a culture of violence among our city’s youth.
  • Laurel Djoukeng, Sparc. Sparc is a social network that connects college students/professionals with job opportunities, employer recruiting events, and networking opportunities.
  • Noah Dougherty and Dan Englender, Relevant Learner. Relevant Learner connects students with locally and culturally relevant content by sourcing diverse and empowering content from expert community institutions and making it simple for educators to find, personalize, and share that content with students.
  • Vanessa Douyon, The Polyglot Tot. The Polyglot Tot provides at-home tools to help caregivers pass their heritage language on to their kids, focusing on ages birth to three, when most language development happens, and where resources are at their slimmest.

Please join us in congratulating our entrepreneurs for all they have accomplished this year. We are grateful for the unwavering commitment of Tia, Laurel, Noah, Dan, and Vanessa and the collective impact they will make on DC’s education system.

We are also grateful to Riley Jones, IV, for his leadership and to our esteemed judges: Troy Duffie, Dr. Omolara Fatiregun, and Isaiah Walker.

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