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CityBridge incubates a wide range of projects in the DC public education ecosystem—from new school models to education technology products and applications, nonprofits, and other educational enterprises.

CityBridge is proud to have incubated the schools and ventures listed below.

Schools and School Models

Breakthrough Montessori

grades served: PK3-6th

ward location: 4

Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School ensures that children thrive with student-centered, discovery-based classrooms in a full-day Montessori program.

Capital Experience Lab

grades served: 6th, with planned growth to 8th

ward location: 7

The Capital Experience Lab (CapX) empowers students to harness the resources of our world-class city in the service of their dreams, to navigate diverse environments, and to achieve postsecondary success. CapX is available for 6th graders at Friendship PCS’s Blow Pierce Campus.

Capital Village Public Charter School

grades served: 5th-8th

ward location: 5

Capital Village PCS is a small learning community where learners take the lead, grow together, and change the world.

DC International School (DCI)

grades served: 6th-12th

ward location: 4

DC International School inspires inquiring, engaged, knowledgeable, and caring secondary students who are multilingual, culturally competent, and committed to proactively creating a socially just and sustainable world. DCI is the only IB-for-all, advanced language public school in DC.

Digital Pioneers Public Charter School

grades served: 6th-10th

ward location: 6 & 8

Computer science is at the core of Digital Pioneers’s educational model. The school empowers students to develop marketable computer science skills and habits of innovation to experience a future of choice.

Girls Global Academy

grades served: 9th-12th

ward location: 2

Girls Global Academy is an all-girls public charter high school in Washington, DC. Girls Global provides a diverse group of young women a global education that ignites empowerment and develops the confidence to influence change for global benefit.

Global Citizens Public Charter School

grades served: PK3-K, with planned growth to 5th

ward location: 7

Global Citizens is the first dual-language—Mandarin and Spanish—immersion school located east of the river. Global Citizens students will use language to liberate and advocate for themselves and those most marginalized.

I Dream Public Charter School

grades served: PK3-3rd

ward location: 7

I Dream Public Charter School is an innovative school that blends social emotional learning, customized learning, culturally responsive curriculum, and more to create learner-driven journeys.

Lee Montessori East End

grades served: PK3-6th

ward location: 8

Lee Montessori East End was the first Montessori model east of the river. The school offers a high-quality, high-fidelity Montessori experience for a racially and socioeconomically diverse community with the goal of empowering each child they serve to transform society.

Monument Academy

grades served: 5th-12th

ward location: 7

Monument Academy is primarily focused on students who have had or might have contact with the foster care system, offering the requisite academic, social, emotional, and life skills that lead to success in college, career, and community.

Riverseed School, A Wildflower School

grades served: PK3-PK4, planned growth to 5th

ward location: 7

Wildflower is a Montessori model with a mission to create liberatory, culturally affirming, community-embedded learning environments that seamlessly connect students’ homes, schools, and communities. Riverseed School is the network’s first DC location.

The Social Justice School

grades served: 5th-8th

ward location: 5

The Social Justice School’s mission is to catalyze an integrated and diverse community of learners to be scholar-activists who are designers of a more just world. Social Justice blends rigorous academic instruction with learning expeditions that are rooted in social justice and liberatory design thinking.

Sojourner Truth Montessori

grades served: 6th-9th, with planned growth to 12th

ward location: 5

Truth is a Montessori middle school and high school that fosters student-led classrooms, enables students to engage in meaningful work with real-world applications, and offers a close-knit community where students pursue justice and practice stewardship.

Statesmen College Preparatory for Boys

grades served: 4th-8th

ward location: 8

Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys is focused on equipping young men with the academic skills, social competencies, and personal development necessary to navigate life challenges, graduate from the college of their choice, and return to become the premier agents of social change within the communities they serve.

Washington Leadership Academy

grades served: 9th-12th

ward location: 5

Washington Leadership Academy is a nationally recognized public charter high school whose mission is to prepare students to thrive in the world and change it for the better. WLA graduates are college-ready, have career-ready tech skills, and lead positive change in their communities and the world.


CityWorks DC

CityWorks DC’s mission is to dramatically improve the early career outcomes of DC youth and young adults of color by creating innovative programs and mobilizing employers, educators, and city leaders to create an employer-driven, local, equitable talent pipeline.

Innovative Academy for Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Innovative Academy of Liberal Arts & Sciences (IALAS) is a nonprofit organization that opens the doors of opportunity for students and families that have been historically neglected. IALAS provides two-generation STEAM (science, technology, entrepreneurship, arts, and mental health) and economic empowerment education to address the ongoing disparity between Ward 7 and its surrounding wards.

Nonprofit Wellness

Nonprofit Wellness addresses staff retention by supporting nonprofits and schools to create wellness plans and programs for their staff members.


THRIVE! uses technology to help school systems and human services agencies root out systemic racism in spending and invest in evidence-based approaches that have been scientifically proven to break cycles of poverty. 

Start Ops

StartOps supports schools in providing more equitable and consistent outcomes for their most marginalized students. Schools can go to them to better retain and grow operations staff through holistic skill and wellness development, refine their operations practices through cross-school collaboration, and reimagine operations-instructional partnership through equity-rooted design facilitation.

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