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Who Are We?

CityWorks DC is a new non-profit venture incubated by CityBridge Education. Our work will include launching new and amplifying existing initiatives that reshape education-to-employment pathways in Washington, DC. 

OUR MISSION: Reshape education-to-employment pathways in Washington, DC so that more young people are equipped with the “social mobility trifecta”— 1) paid, relevant work experience, 2) valuable certifications and credentials, and 3) a supportive professional network (i.e., social capital).

OUR VISION: Young people growing up in DC secure meaningful work that can support a family, build personal wealth, and drive economic growth in the region.

OUR DESIGN PRINCIPLES: CityWorks DC seeks to launch new (and amplify existing) initiatives, all in pursuit of three overarching design principles:

  1. High schools provide students with opportunities to learn at work, not just learn about work at school; 
  2. Employers become co-developers of young human capital with educators; and 
  3. Postsecondary becomes local, flexible, and affordable to complement learning at work.

OUR STARTING POINT: In Fall 2020, in collaboration with the Federal City Council, CityWorks DC will launch CareerWise DC, a citywide, three-year youth apprenticeship program for DC high schoolers in high-wage, in-demand occupations―e.g., Information Technology, Business Operations, and Financial Services. We will start with 30-50 youth apprentices in partnership with 5-7 employers and 7-8 high schools.  

  • Young people will be trained—and paid—to do meaningful work for a company, earning both industry-based certifications and postsecondary credit, as well as developing a supportive professional network.
  • Employers will build a local, diverse talent pipeline for hard-to-fill positions, increase employee retention, lower recruiting costs, increase productivity, and spur innovation.
  • Post-apprenticeship, young people pursue further postsecondary education AND employment in various, interwoven ways.


Our Team

Jennie Niles

President and CEO

Lateefah Durant

Vice President, CareerWise DC

Richard Pohlman

Project Director, Postsecondary

Terence West

Director, Business Partnerships

Furman Haynes

Manager, Strategy & Partnerships, and Co-Founder

Joelle Deleveaux

Manager, Business Development

Noemi Almodovar Venkatraj

Manager, Program and Partnerships

Kiara Hill

Coordinator, Operations and Administration