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CityWorks DC’s mission is to dramatically improve the early career outcomes of DC youth and young adults of color by creating innovative programs and by mobilizing employers, educators, and city leaders to create an employer-driven, local, equitable talent pipeline. Their work is to ensure that young people acquire industry-valued credentials; paid, relevant work experience; and social capital. Their vision is that all DC youth and young adults of color secure meaningful work that can support a family, build personal wealth, and drive economic growth in the region.


1. CareerWise DC

CareerWise DC is a three-year, modern youth apprenticeship program that prepares D.C. high schoolers for competitive, high-wage careers in occupations such as business operations, information technology, and finance. CareerWise DC launched in 2020 with the support of the Federal City Council with 14 youth apprentices, 4 high schools, and 6 employers. This fall in 2021, a second cohort of 30+ apprentices start with 10 more employers. CareerWise DC will add new cohorts of apprentices each year.

2. Embark

Embark supports young adults and recent high school/GED graduates build the necessary skills and network to succeed in their early-career outcomes. This 10-month program provides weekly support to participants with:

  • Bi-monthly professional skill workshops
  • 1:1 career counseling sessions
  • Ongoing job placement assistance
3. Aon Apprenticeship

CityWorks DC in partnership with the Greater Washington Area Network will provide wrap-around services and coaching to Aon apprentices to ensure meaningful early-career learning outcomes.

4. Innovative Postsecondary Programs

ASU Local

  • ASU Local is a completely new undergraduate program from Arizona State University that brings the best of a global research university to students in Washington, D.C. At our core is nurturing belonging, curiosity and resilience through connection and support. As part of ASU Local’s in-person, close-knit student community, a coach will guide and support students every step of the way during their entire college journey. They will empower students and foster their wellbeing and success through intentionally designed learning experiences, including one-on-one conversations, workshops and other group activities. To ensure flexibility, students will choose from 130+ online majors to complete coursework flexibly anytime, anywhere to earn a highly-ranked bachelor’s degree through ASU.


  • PelotonU is a hybrid college in partnership with schools like Southern New Hampshire University, Western Governors University, and UMass Global to offer 2 and 4 year degrees that are flexible, affordable, and self-paced. Students enroll in courses at one of the partner schools and recieve support from a PelotonU coach. CityWorks DC launched an intensive postsecondary pilot with PelotonU in 2021 to gain a deep understanding of what hybrid college is like for DC students and what skills coaches need to support students.


1. Empowering Employers

CityWorks DC supports efforts that empower our city’s employers to identify and pursue solutions to challenges they face in hiring and retaining local talent. Employers for Equity is a new employer-led initiative housed at the Federal City Council which focuses on driving the development of a local, equitable, employer-driven talent pipeline that leads to DC residents obtaining DC’s good jobs. Employers for Equity’s Hire Local DC Coalition provides a single point of access for the city’s top employers focusing on hiring District residents.

2. Citywide Engagement

CityWorks DC strategically convenes and engages local leaders across sectors to collaborate on advancing citywide goals and efforts to accelerate the development of an employer-driven, equitable, local talent pipeline.

3. Early Career Outcomes

CityWorks DC invests in efforts that advance our collective understanding of the Early Career Outcomes of our local young adults, barriers to their success, and solutions to achieve an employer-driven, equitable, local talent pipeline. This takes the form of DC Policy Center publications, amplifying the voices and experiences of young adult’s Early Career Outcomes through surveys and engagement, and supporting local education and training providers in identifying solutions to capture more data on Early Career Outcomes to inform their practice.