The moral task at the center of our work is to rally the city around equity and opportunity for all children.

We pursue this goal in two domains:

Incubating, launching, and transforming schools and projects that will deliver on the talent and potential inherent in children, especially those disinherited by poverty or race.

Galvanizing local leaders to advocate, consistently and across time, for educational equity and excellence.

These values guide our interactions with each other and with our colleagues in the field:

Beloved Community

We model the future we want to occupy—in our relationships with each other, our entrepreneurs, and our external stakeholders. We invite diverse perspectives, build inclusive coalitions, and work in authentic partnership with all who want to create a better world for DC students.

Abundant Possibility

We embrace the curiosity and boldness needed to envision—and build—what does not yet exist. We dream expansively, learn voraciously, and dare greatly in all our endeavors.

Rigorous Growth

We embrace the learnings from our failures and hold ourselves and our partners accountable to ever-increasing standards of equity and excellence. We set clear goals, assess tangible progress, and prioritize meaningful improvement and development.

Radical Grace

We acknowledge that the work of eliminating racism and other forms of bias in ourselves and in society is continuous, hard, necessary work—and that no one can do it alone or perfectly. We extend generosity and forgiveness when mistakes are made and learn alongside each other in our journey toward a more free and inclusive society.