As a public charity operating from 2017 to 2024, CityBridge Education invested in teachers, leaders, and school teams with the ideas and drive to create new, better educational models for public schools in Washington, DC. During that time, CityBridge incubated numerous charter schools and unique programs inside schools. CityBridge also incubated two signature programs that now operate as standalone public charities—CityWorks (launched in 2019 and independent since 2022) and CityTutor DC (launched in 2021 and independent since July 1, 2024).

CityTutor DC catalyzes high-impact tutoring (HIT) and strategic staffing models to serve thousands of local public school students. This work improves student well-being, accelerates academic performance, and enhances flexible staffing systems in schools. CityTutor is DC’s trusted partner for citywide initiatives related to tutoring, talent, and truancy reduction. To learn more about CityTutor, please visit our website.

The CityBridge network of projects started within CityBridge Foundation, the private family foundation of Katherine and David Bradley.

Katherine and David Bradley launch the Advisory Board Foundation, later renamed CityBridge. The Advisory Board Foundation led several health care-related initiatives—in Russia (pediatric cancer), South Africa (AIDS treatment and nurse training), and locally partnered with the Johns Hopkins Listening Center in writing language training curriculum for use post – cochlear implant.


The Foundation created ServiceCorps to catalyze skills-based volunteering in local corporations.


CityBridge begins national research on successful interventions addressing entrenched, multigenerational poverty and pilots a successful EITC site in Washington, DC. The CityBridge focus on early childhood education is the result of this work.


CityBridge launches the Early Years Education Initiative, a five-year portfolio invested in building capacity and improving quality in early childhood education in DC. Key partners are: Jumpstart, Teach For America, KIPP, DC Prep and Georgetown University.


CityBridge expands its focus to serve the full PK-12 continuum. Initiatives include Catalyst Schools (DCPS), Tools to 100 Schools, Turnaround for Children, and the Breakthrough Schools competition, a partnership with Next Generation Learning Challenges.


CityBridge Education, a public charity dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for all children, is launched out of CityBridge Foundation. CityBridge Education continues the innovation work and incubates more than a dozen new schools. CityBridge Foundation continues as a grantmaking entity for the Bradley family.


CityBridge launches CityWorks DC to reshape the landscape of education and career development opportunities for DC youth and young adults.


CityBridge launches CityTutor DC to scale, support, and improve high-impact tutoring citywide as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


CityWorks DC becomes an independent nonprofit; CityBridge launches the Transforming Teaching Portfolio to support system leaders and schools in redesigning the teaching profession toward flexible, sustainable staffing models.


CityBridge Education sunsets new incubation programming and launches independently as CityTutor DC to focus on citywide solutions related to tutoring, talent, and truancy.