CityBridge Education is an incubator for education entrepreneurs—seeking out the teachers, leaders, and school teams with the ideas and the drive to create new, better models of school.

Our work takes three forms:


CityBridge’s work serves these innovative teachers, leaders, individual entrepreneurs, and teams of educators, all united in the belief that school can deliver results that honor the talent and potential inherent in children. Entrepreneurs are connected to structured design work, portfolio management, networks of talent, and the (significant) resources needed to launch or transform schools.

Our portfolio includes many types of schools: schools designed for personalized learning, using the best of technology and school design to customize learning to students’ needs; schools that are “diverse by design,” undoing segregation; schools that teach marketable math, coding, and STEM skills; and schools that blend other specialized programs—in the arts, sports, or technology—with rigorous general curriculum, to capture the imagination of students.


CityBridge Education invests in the capacity building of educators in service of breakthrough schools in Washington, D.C. Our programming starts with engaging educators and entrepreneurs who are motivated to create new, better models of school. They receive training in the best of design thinking and are introduced to our design principles.


Progress in our schools relies on sustained commitment from parents, educators, civic and business leaders, and philanthropists. Part of our work is to identify these leaders, the strong corps of people who will champion education for years to come, and engage them in the improvement of D.C.’s education system.