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How can I apply? 

To apply to Design Residency: Ventures, click here. The application deadline is August 31st.

What does the application entail?

The application will include a written component about your problem and venture, as well as a brief video component about yourself. 

Finalists and one reference per team will be invited for one virtual interview each. Applicants will be notified by September 1st if they are a finalist.

Do I need to have teaching experience?

Teaching experience is not necessary, though strongly encouraged for at least one person on your team.

How many hours a week will be required?

Sessions will be approximately 3-4 hours twice a month and weekly coaching will be approximately 1-2 hours. In addition, we expect you will need time outside of sessions to continue developing your solution and running your pilot. Participants should estimate a total of 7-10 hours each week on average.

Do I have to quit my day job to participate?

No. At this stage, we are generally looking for “sidepreneurs” or individuals who are building out their venture on the side until they can commit full-time. 

Do I need close access to students or teachers to run my pilot?

Such access is certainly a plus, given that one of the key components will be conducting a pilot, but not a requirement. Where possible, we will help connect you to a suitable classroom or school from our network of schools. 

Do I need to be incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit or intend to be one?

No. We are ultimately agnostic to your governance structure, and we do not expect you to have incorporated your organization at this stage. 

What can I use my grant for?

The grant is to grow the effectiveness of your venture’s outcomes with students. Entrepreneurs can use the grant to pay for increased programming costs, including the cost of your pilot, branding or communication materials, or additional consulting. 

What if I don’t have a team yet?

Creating a new venture is a difficult task, and we strongly encourage you to have one additional team member participate in this program with you. 

How large can my team be?

We are expecting 2 participants per venture. However, the grant will be provided per venture and not per person. 

Do I need to be based in DC?

Since we expect the pilot this year to be fully virtual, you do not need to be located in DC. However, we expect your pilot and ultimate solution to be DC-based and supporting students in the DC public school system.

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