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Rasheca Logendran


As the 2020 CityBridge Fellow, Rasheca works across the organization to support the Incubation and Network Engagement teams. A recent graduate of Duke University, Rasheca studied Biochemical Nutrition and Public Policy to best understand the roots of health disparities from a biological, social, and environmental lens.

A North Carolina native and Sri Lankan Tamil American, Rasheca has worked to advance human rights and reduce health disparities, especially related to maternal mortality. Prior to joining CityBridge, Rasheca helped found an organization that provides free doula services to low-resource pregnant people in the Durham, NC area. 

After working as a volunteer teacher at Sunflower County Freedom Project in the Mississippi Delta and at Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project in India, Rasheca became interested in education. From these experiences, she learned more about the racial and socioeconomic education achievement gap in the US and abroad. Rasheca is committed to working in partnership with marginalized communities to build systems of equity, especially within the education sphere. 


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