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Kathya Saavedra

Director, Finance and Operations

A proud immigrant from El Salvador, Kathya Saavedra is acutely aware of the difficulty that immigrant parents often experience in providing their children with a quality public education. She has always been passionate about social justice and believes deeply that innovation in education is among the most effective ways to even the playing field for children.

Kathya comes to CityBridge from LivingSocial, where she worked as a sales associate. Previously, she worked at C3 Presents, where she helped to plan the 2015 White House Easter Egg Roll, and the 2015 Caribbean Energy Security Summit at the State Department. As an intern with the US Association of Former Members of Congress, Kathya also helped coordinate a congressional visit to Japan.  She brings this logistics experience to CityBridge as the Director, Finance and Operations.

Kathya holds a B.A in Business Administration from The George Washington University.


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