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Gina Burd

Director of Partnerships, CityTutor DC

As Director of Partnerships for CityTutor DC, Gina builds relationships with local universities and tutoring organizations to strengthen the tutoring ecosystem for public school students in Washington, DC.

Prior to joining CityTutor, Gina led the academic team at Horton’s Kids, a community-based organization that supports children and families in the Wellington Park and Stanton Oaks neighborhoods. In addition to overseeing OST academic programs, Gina focused on school advocacy work. She provided workshops on students’ educational rights for parents and facilitated conversations between parents and school leaders.

Gina taught high school English and directed the school’s Restorative Justice Program in Milford, Massachusetts for 12 years before moving to DC. Gina earned a BA in Writing and Literature from Wheaton College and a MA in English Literature and Women’s Studies from Brandeis University.

Gina lives with her partner in Park View and paints in her spare time.

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