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Arthur McKee

Senior Director, Research and Learning

Arthur McKee is the Senior Director of Research and Learning, identifying large-scale challenges in DC’s education system and driving the analysis necessary to craft effective responses. He and his team glean insights from the progress of the entrepreneurs CityBridge supports and the broader initiatives CityBridge leads.

Arthur rejoined CityBridge Education in May of 2015. From 2011 to 2015, he led the first-ever comprehensive evaluation of over 2,000 teacher preparation programs across the country at the National Council on Teacher Quality. From 2000 to 2010, Arthur helped develop and lead CityBridge’s Early Years Education Initiative, a five-year effort to ensure high-quality early childhood education for all children in the nation’s capital.

Arthur earned a B.A. from Princeton University and a Ph.D. in Russian history from U.C. Berkeley in 1997.


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