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Summer Design Studio Resources


Readings for 228 Accelerator sessions

Learn about equitable design and the historical context of public education in Washington, D.C. Estimated time: 2 hrs

Curated by our partner Caroline Hill at 228 Accelerator, this set of readings will ground all Fellowship teams in the equityXdesign framework, key moments in the history of D.C. education, and inspiring examples of what is possible in the design of schools. 228 Accelerator has compiled an extensive reader, available here: Please note that the PDF is very large, so do not try to print the whole thing. All participants will read the following articles:

Everyone reads:

  1. “Changing the Discourse in Schools.” (Eubanks, E., Parish, R. Smith, D.). Pages 637-644 in the reader or available here.

  2. “Doubly Divided: The Racial Wealth Gap.” (Lui, M.) Pages 44 – 51 in the reader or available here.

  3. “EquityXDesign: A Process for Transformation.” Available here: equityXdesign.pdf

  4. Chapter 13: “How Do We Locate Resistance in Urban Schools?” Miron, L. Available here.

The next readings are attached and differentiated by surname:

  • If your surname begins with A–H, then read: “Mt. Pleasant Report: Education Opportunities.” Pages 395-411 in the reader or available here.

  • If your surname begins with I–P, then read: “Asian and Asian American Students in Washington, D.C., Public Schools during the Segregation Era.” Pages 535-549 in the reader or available here.

  • If your surname begins with, Q–Z, then read: “The Dual Public School System in the District of Columbia: Origins, Problems, and Protests. Available here.



Day 2

Day 3