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At CityBridge, we work with teams of brilliant and creative educators to transform schools for equity. We believe that the process of creating and transforming schools is as important as the outcomes those schools produce for students. That is why our partners begin by asking big, bold questions like: How would school feel if it were to challenge our country’s ongoing narrative of disinheritance for some children, based on their race, class, or story? What might school look like if we designed it, from the start, to be adaptable, responsive, and challenging for every individual child? What if schools embraced an expansive view of success—and how to measure it?

We are inviting you to tackle these questions, too, by joining us for our Summer Design Studio on August 1-3. Participants at the Design Studio will begin the CityBridge school creation and transformation process. Our team will facilitate the Studio in partnership with Michelle Molitor of the Fellowship for Race and Equity in Education and Christine Ortiz of the Equity Design Collaborative. Participants will follow a guided process that connects design thinking and racial equity work to build learning experiences that disrupt and destabilize racism and other forces of oppression in school, ultimately creating learning environments where all students succeed.

The Design Studio is a first step in applying to the next cohort of CityBridge’s Breakthrough Schools. The program includes two tracks: one for educators and school leaders who want to redesign existing schools, and one for educators and education entrepreneurs who want to start new schools. Both are welcome and encouraged to join the Design Studio. Register now and please share this invitation with others ready to embark on a journey of school creation and transformation.

Summer Design Studio

August 1–3, 2017
9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
CityBridge Education
600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Register for the Summer Design Studio here >

We will send out a detailed agenda to all participants in July. Note that teams are strongly encouraged to bring students to the Studio to work with them on school designs.