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The CityBridge Incubator provides critical early-stage support for school leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs to design innovative and equity-centered solutions to our most entrenched educational challenges.

The CityBridge Incubator includes:

"Bespoke" School Creation Support

Participants receive bespoke coaching, tools, and support to design equity-centered solutions to important educational challenges.

CityBridge Design Programming

Participants will be part of CityBridge Design Studio, Fellowship, and/or Residency, a suite of programming through which we introduce participants to the DC education landscape and to the design principle of “intentional equity.” The Institute draws from equityXdesign, CityBridge’s signature curriculum that merges racial equity work with the methodology of design thinking. Through this curriculum, we guide participants through the process of designing a solution with, and not for students, that fosters belonging, produces more equitable outcomes, and transforms mindsets. 


Participants will be part of a community of educators, entrepreneurs, and leaders—all focused on creating more equitable schools. Together, participants will learn, collaborate, and grow to be innovators for equity. 


Participants are eligible for funding to continue testing and scaling their prototype. 

Political Mapping

Our team works with entrepreneurs to understand key players and relationships in DC–from city council members and ANC commissioners to local business and nonprofit leaders. The entrepreneurs, in turn, use these maps to develop and navigate critical relationships.