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CityBridge Education is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit whose mission is to advance equity and opportunity for children. We do that by reimagining public education—starting with the creation of innovative public schools, right here in the nation’s capital.

We do this work in three stages:


We research, identify, and recruit education entrepreneurs with the relentlessness, creativity, and acumen needed to build innovative schools to a high standard of excellence.


From the pipeline of talented entrepreneurs and teams, annually, we select approximately five projects for inclusion in our portfolio, based on an assessment of the local need for the model, the potential to deliver a transformational education, and the strength of the school leader. Meet CityBridge’s current entrepreneurs.


We support our school teams as they develop their new models, apply for a charter, and, ultimately, launch a brand new public school.

To support all of our work and ensure its lasting success in our city, we have an active network engagement practice that uses content and frequent convenings to build an engaged, informed network of the city’s business, philanthropic, and civic leadership. Knowing that progress in our city’s schools relies on sustained commitment from educators, civic and business leaders, parents, and philanthropists, we bring education content to our community of stewards; they, in turn, become the network from which we draw to build strong boards and local, political, and financial support for D.C. public education.