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CityBridge Education serves as an incubator of the people, ideas, and conversations needed for equity-driven innovation in DC’s public schools. Specifically, we identify and develop a robust cohort of leaders, entrepreneurs, and school designers, deploying particular efforts to recruiting leaders of color. We incubate and invest in the best of their ideas; and together, bring to market the next generation of transformational public schooling.

The CityBridge Incubator

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted persistent inequities in our education system and exacerbated the challenges faced by our most vulnerable youth.  Now more than ever, we must boldly reimagine public education with the needs of our most marginalized students at the center.

Our expanded and revamped CityBridge Incubator is a space where school leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs will design groundbreaking solutions to our most entrenched educational challenges in order to better serve DC students. By introducing a design process that confronts the roots of inequity, supporting prototyping and piloting, and establishing a collaborative community of local innovators, the CityBridge Incubator will prepare participants to create transformative new schools, organizations, and programs across 3 stages of increasingly intensive investment and support.


Design Studio is a two-part introductory workshop for a cross-sector audience of educators and “education-adjacent” individuals with a desire to solve problems facing DC students. Participants will identify the problem, design a solution with, not for, students with the greatest need, and test their designs.


Design Fellowship is a four-month, immersive program for teams of school leaders and educators. Teams will work together to design, test, and scale equity-centered solutions.


Design Residency is an intensive incubation program to design solutions at scale that support public education in DC. Whether the solution is creating new schools, organizations, or programs within existing schools, participants will receive critical, early-stage support to make a full-time commitment to the work of launching a school or project.