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by Kim Beck. As Associate Director, Talent Development on CityBridge’s Incubation Team, Kim is a manager, coach, and workshop facilitator for educators and innovators serving the young people of DC. 

At CityBridge Education, we believe that coaching is a foundational part of the Incubator experience. As coaches, we take an identity-affirming and strengths-based approach to support entrepreneurs in designing, solving, and launching equitable and excellent educational solutions to discrete educational problems.

We believe that coaching should be individually tailored to each entrepreneur or team, so that they are able to maximize their experience and design impactful solutions for their school communities.

Earlier this month, I sat down with three of our past Design Fellows—Rohini Ramnath from DC Bilingual; Andre Zarate from Sojourner Truth Montessori; and Michele Gray from The Social Justice School—to learn about the role coaching played in their CityBridge experience and in their entrepreneurial journey. We laughed, and while we didn’t cry, we did get deep. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

Watch the full conversation on YouTube.