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November 9, 2021 / Innovation, Resources

Ashley McMichael is the Founder & CEO of Innovative Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences (IALAS).

What was the most impactful or meaningful part of participating in CityBridge programming?

The most impactful part of the CityBridge programming has been the ecosystem mapping with Cherrelle Swain!!! It allowed me to work towards an actionable plan for building relationships with all stakeholders, fundraising, and program development.

How has your experience with CityBridge influenced or helped you in your life and career?
CityBridge is one of our first supporters which has served to both open the door to other opportunities in addition to help understand the importance of and address deficits in my thinking on IALAS program structure and plans for sustainability.

What are you up to now?

Currently I am preparing for my wedding in May 2022.

Professionally, we are currently working to develop our Cybersecurity Workforce Development, an initiative that taps into both classroom instruction and work experience to provide exposure to the cybersecurity field through mentorship, hacking challenges, and conference attendance. We are also gearing up for our first ever Giving Tuesday campaign, so please be on the lookout and participate in an activity or two (Follow on Instagram!). I was recently selected for the Equity Development Initiative that provides educational training, equity, and connections to develop affordable housing in the District of Columbia. This is only the beginning for our dream to bring affordable housing and programming together. I have also been selected to join the board of Social Justice School, who are actually CityBridge Alumni!

Fill in the blanks: “Before I participated in CityBridge programming I used to think ________________. After participating in CityBridge programming, I now think __________________.”

Before I participated in CityBridge programming, I used to think that I would have to learn everything on my own. After participating in CityBridge programming, I now know I have a new-found community of support.