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Design Fellowship, our four-month, immersive fellowship, helps innovators design and scale equity-centered solutions to DC’s most pressing educational challenges. 

During the fellowship, participants receive customized tools, coaching, and financial support to design, test, adapt, and scale a right-sized pilot solution. Pilots are intentionally designed experiments to learn about interventions in a low-risk environment. Leaders and teams take a series of steps during the pilot design and implementation process to disrupt bias and racism.

Below are a few pilots designed by our Design Fellowship participants.

Center City Brightwood

The team at Center City Brightwood piloted virtual student passion project clubs. Together, faculty and students co-designed clubs, learned a new hobby or skill, and shared learning in a small, supportive group.

Hendley Elementary School

The team at Hendley Elementary School designed and implemented student-led community circles where faculty ceded power to 4th- and 5th-grade student leaders. Over time, those student leaders began teaching their community-building skills to students in younger grades.

Kelly Miller Middle School

The team at Kelly Miller Middle School piloted a teacher community of practice that enabled faculty to support one another while planning rigorous instruction and keeping students engaged.

Peabody Elementary

The team at Peabody Elementary piloted common structures for small-group instruction in hybrid learning. 

Stuart-Hobson Middle School

The team at Stuart-Hobson Middle School designed a student-led advisory where students and faculty build relationships and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Truesdell Education Campus

The team at Truesdell Education Campus co-created a bilingual community circle for 4th grade ELL students in order to increase their sense of belonging and empowerment.

Washington Latin

The team at Washington Latin developed racial affinity groups for faculty and staff to address issues of race equity within the school community.

Washington Yu Ying

The team at Washington Yu Ying designed and tested a culturally responsive lesson planning toolkit so that teachers could better help students navigate identity threats.