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In 1994, Katherine and David Bradley founded CityBridge Foundation (originally called the Advisory Board Foundation) to extend the “best practices” method of their businesses into a philanthropic enterprise. The Foundation first worked in international health.

In 2000, CityBridge began investigating successful practices for combating entrenched, multigenerational poverty—all with the intention of launching a new, signature program in Washington, DC. From that research came the Early Years Education Initiative, a five-year, $8 million portfolio launched in 2006 that invested in building capacity and improving quality in early childhood education in Washington, D.C.

In 2010, CityBridge expanded its focus to serve the full Preschool-grade 12 continuum, looking to find and invest in the schools (traditional public or charter) and interventions that best support high student achievement. In addition to the Early Years Education Initiative, additional portfolios of CityBridge’s work have included Catalyst Schools, Tools to 100 Schools, and the Innovation Portfolio.

On January 1, 2017, CityBridge Education, a nonprofit enterprise dedicated to advancing equity and opportunity for all children, was launched out of CityBridge Foundation.

Our Purpose and Values