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A Message from our Executive Director

As we watch our trusted institutions struggle to address the rampant inequities and systemic racism highlighted by COVID-19 and egregious incidents of police brutality, we know that a significant change is required if they—and by extension, we, as a society—are going to thrive. Our public schools are especially vulnerable, with thousands of DC students falling through the cracks.

At CityBridge, we recognize that this is our moment for a rare and lasting evolutionary leap—a chance to fundamentally redesign our schools with the needs and perspectives of our most marginalized students at the center. In the pages of this report, we surface the equitable innovations taking root in schools and systems across the city, led by entrepreneurs who have the vision and the drive to create the radically liberatory and anti-racist schools that our students and families deserve and have for too long been denied.

Thank you for your support and partnership in this season of growth and transformation.

With gratitude,
Rachel Evans