Michael Moorin

CityBridge Fellow

As a high school debater in Louisville, Kentucky, Michael spent substantial time discussing the morality of laws and policies, sparking his early commitment to social justice. In college, that commitment motivated his focus on education policy and its potential to bring opportunity to underprivileged communities striving for social mobility.

Michael graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Public and International Affairs. His senior thesis studied the experiences of low-income and first-generation Princeton students in an effort to assess and improve university policies affecting those students. At Princeton, Michael tutored prison inmates working to earn GEDs, led activities for the Outdoor Action orientation program, edited the Princeton Journal of Bioethics, and was a member of the sailing team.

Michael joined CityBridge in 2016 to employ his social science skills toward promoting educational equity and innovation through best practices research, while also gaining experience in education reform that will inform his future law career.

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