Innovation Through Quality Educators

Many factors, both at home and in school, contribute to a student’s academic performance. But multiple studies contend that of all in-school factors, teacher quality matters most. CityBridge Education invests in D.C.’s talented teachers and leaders and works to expand the pipeline of excellent educators who choose to live, work, teach and lead in D.C.


In traditional school models, teachers are forced to teach to the middle of the class, stalling progress for those above or below the average. But personalized models that use technology and new design principles allow teachers to tailor instructional paths and tactics to each child’s needs, ensuring that all students can move forward.

Rooted deeply in design thinking and problem-solving tactics, the Education Innovation Fellowship—established in 2013 with the support and partnership of the Microsoft Corporation and NewSchools Venture Fund—enables D.C.’s strongest educators to pilot personalized learning models in their classrooms. Across the Fellowship year, teachers travel the country to observe the most promising practices in personalized learning, design and pilot innovative models of their own design in their classrooms, and share their learnings with the local and national education communities.