The moral task at the center of our work is to rally the city around equity and opportunity for all children.

We pursue this goal in two domains:

Incubating, launching, and transforming schools that will deliver on the talent and potential inherent in children, especially those disinherited by poverty or race.

Galvanizing local leaders to advocate, consistently and across time, for educational equity and excellence.

These values guide our interactions with each other and with our colleagues in the field:

Spirit of Generosity

A spirit of generosity manifests through lives turned outward, in active demonstration of service, humility, and mutual respect. In moments of success, we should credit the effort and imagination of our city’s teachers, leaders, and students. In times of disagreement, we should still proceed generously, assuming goodwill and the best of intentions from others.

Belief in Abundant Possibility

Abundant possibility defines our expectations for our work and the children we serve. Alongside educators, we create settings where children flourish, where adults grow as practitioners and people, and where all of us embrace a long commitment to justice.