What is the relationship between CityBridge Foundation and CityBridge Education?

Our History tells the story of CityBridge’s evolution from family foundation to 501(c)(3). At present, CityBridge Education operates separately from CityBridge Foundation, which funds a variety of charitable endeavors nationwide.

How can I get involved in CityBridge’s events?

Please contact Jen Davis, Senior Director, Stewardship & Network Engagement with ideas and inquiries for CityBridge convenings.

How can I become a CityBridge entrepreneur?

The application cycle for our 2019 cohorts of School Design Fellowship and CityBridge Entrepreneurs is now closed. Guidance for applying to future cohorts will be posted in late 2019.

Does CityBridge Education or do CityBridge entrepreneurs who are incubating schools have to register as lobbyists?

No, neither CityBridge nor our entrepreneurs is required to register as a lobbyist under District of Columbia law. CityBridge is performing charitable activities that have been approved by our 501(c)(3) designation, and no remuneration of public funds flows to CityBridge as a result of these activities.

Successful entrepreneurs who open public schools will eventually receive public, per-pupil funding, and that funding might cover a salary for those same entrepreneurs. So, do they need to register?

The answer is no, entrepreneurs are not required to register as lobbyists. Their charter applications and testimony to the Public Charter School Board (PCSB) are full, public, transparent documents, and their case for opening a new school is made in publicly-given remarks and subsequent Q&A. Their bid to open schools is public and well-known to oversight organizations and the general public. Additionally, pending or successful entrepreneurs are not considered “members” of CityBridge—they are legally separate and distinct from our organization and have no governance rights over CityBridge’s activities.